Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy your books?

The easiest way is to visit our e-Store, here. The books are also available on our  sister website,  

What formats do you offer?

Books are offered in PDF format. We may offer a print version in the future. To obtain the LaTeX source, contact us (minimum $500 purchase required).

How are the books delivered?

On our e-Store, you will be able to view or download the PDF, right after checkout. Contact us at [email protected] for support.

Do you offer a version with bigger fonts?

Yes. To get a copy of your book with larger fonts, email us with your purchase order number. There is no extra cost. With a 12pt font size, the length of the book is increased by about 25%. 

Will I receive updated versions of the book?

Yes, and free of charge after the initial purchase. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive book updates and new book announcements.

I downloaded free data sets. How do I get help?

Free material on our GitHub repository comes with limited documentation. Purchase the book to get detailed explanations, and even help from the author if needed!

Is there a public forum about the books?

We have a companion WordPress blog where you can ask questions or post comments about our eBooks. Each book has its own blog. Follow this link

What subjects do you cover?

Machine learning, statistical science, data science, computer science, experimental math. The title of our next book (available in May 2022) is A simpler way to analyze data: innovative machine learning.

Can I print the book?

Absolutely. For personal use only (the same applies to the PDF version). I highly recommend to use a color printer.

Can I share the book with my students?

Each student must purchase his/her own copy. Upon request, we will email you a discount code (valid for 30 days) to share with your students, once you have  purchased your own copy.